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We offer management consulting for business owners hoping to grow and scale.

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Group Dental Practices and DSOs

We consider ourselves leaders in the dental space, with an experienced team who understands the industry and how to scale within it. Our dental clients include multi-location practices and DSOs who intend to rapidly grow, usually with an exit in mind. Through a financial lens, we offer dental clients strategic growth consulting and M&A advisory.


Medical Aesthetics and MSOs

Skytale Group has become a leading partner for medical aesthetics practices. As the global market for medical aesthetics increases rapidly, our team of financial professionals and C-level executives help maximize our clients’ value and carry out their visions for growth.  


Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery

Skytale Group is passionate about providing the finest financial, operational, and strategic advisory services to plastic and cosmetic surgeons. Our team of financial professionals and C-level executives have decades of hands-on experience working in, running, and growing surgical practices, and are equipped to provide the information, perspective, and strategy needed to help our clients achieve their vision. We aim to integrate seamlessly into your team, and treat your business like it is our own.