Using Financial Insight to Build,
Scale, and Sell Healthcare Organizations

Deciphering complexity into simplicity

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Financial clarity leads to accelerated growth.

Skytale Group is a full-service strategic, financial, and M&A advisory firm. Through management strategy and financial analysis, we help scale and sell group practice dental, medical aesthetics, and healthcare organizations. Our strategic insight provides a road map to propel your business forward.

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What We Do


Strategic Growth Advisory

We use financial insight and strategic management decisions to position your healthcare practice, DSO, or MSO for growth, sale, or purchase


Mergers and Acquisitions

As a strategic partner in the transaction process, we walk with you step-by-step to find the right buyer and help you realize the full value of your business.

Who We Serve


Group Dental Practices
and DSOs

As experts in the industries we serve, we work alongside doctor owners of group dental practices and DSOs to elevate and optimize every facet of their business. Then, we execute a custom strategy to help you build, scale, or sell the business as if it’s our own.


Medical Aesthetics
and MSOs

Many physicians and non-physician-owned med aesthetics are choosing to scale with an MSO model. We help our medical aesthetics clients identify the right growth models and opportunities to carry out their visions.

Financial insight leads to strategic decisions

The Skytale Approach
To Growth


Improved Operational Efficiencies


Data-Driven Business Decisions


Customized Growth Strategies


Long-Term Relationships with Buyers and Sellers


Expert Healthcare Industry Insight

Why Choose Us

The numbers guide our strategy. Let them guide your
choice in a financial partner.


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