Skytale Group Serves as Exclusive Strategic Advisor to LivingYoung

DALLAS, TXSkytale Group (Skytale), an investment banking and management consulting firm specializing in healthcare businesses, announces it acted as exclusive sell-side advisor to LivingYoung Center on its partnership with Advanced Medaesthetic Partners (AMP: LivingYoung stands as the forefront leader in medical aesthetics, boasting locations in Seminole, Palm Harbor, and St. Petersburg, Florida as well as a new location in Odessa, Florida. This collaboration not only solidifies a strategic partnership with LivingYoung but also marks a significant expansion for AMP within western Florida.

“Since opening in 2007, LivingYoung has continuously pushed the envelope of what it means to be the cutting-edge provider of aesthetic and wellness services in its market due to their unwavering commitment to providing high quality patient care and community support through partnerships with local charities,” said Skytale’s Tedd Van Gorden. “It was an honor to have the opportunity to advise the owners, Katie Kaffai and Carissa Alinat, in their partnership process with AMP. Together as partners we are excited to see how they will continue to grow LivingYoung.”

“I can’t imagine what this transaction would have been like if Skytale wasn’t involved. I could not be happier with the level of service and support Skytale delivered,” said Katie Kaffai, co-owner of LivingYoung. “They were there every step of the way including after the transaction. We found a partner in AMP who aligns with both our personal and company’s future goals and are more excited than ever to be a part of this fast-growing, industry-leading group.”

“Working with Skytale has been vital to the growth of our business. Partnering with Skytale has been instrumental in shaping our trajectory toward sustained success, and we’re grateful for their invaluable contributions along our journey in finding AMP as a partner,” said Carissa Alinat, co-owner of LivingYoung. “We are very excited for the future with AMP as our partner and their support in achieving our goals of expanding the LivingYoung brand.”

“Katie Kaffai and Carissa Alinat, a partner in LivingYoung Center, show dedication to anti-aging and wellness that aligns perfectly with our vision at AMP,” said Nicole Chiaramonte, CEO of AMP. “We eagerly anticipate collaborating and leveraging our combined strengths to lead the way in the rapidly growing field of medical aesthetics.”

Skytale Managing Director, Ben Hernandez; Senior Vice President, Tedd Van Gorden; Associate, James Wimpress; and Senior Analyst Christian Guy represented LivingYoung in the partnership process.