Our Team

Kristy Howard, Consultant

Kristy Howard is a financial consultant at Skytale. She helps business owners translate their financial statements so they can focus on the functions of their business that will return the most profit for them. She understands what her busy clients need: simple conversations about finances, guidance when making significant financial decisions, and analysis on what will help grow their business.

Kristy began her career at a “Big Four” accounting firm, but soon found her passion for tax and business planning at smaller firms. There, she received hands-on experience working with small business owners. What started out as working strictly with dentists and dental practices later expanded to various types of medical practices, medical suppliers, retailers, and restaurants.

Throughout her career, Kristy is most proud of the relationships she has built with her clients and watching them grow and thrive. She’s honored to be a friendly resource to her clients when the job of running a business is difficult.

A Texas girl at heart, when Kristy is not crunching numbers she enjoys spending her time with her husband and two energetic children, drinking wine, and traveling the country. 

Kristy is a proud graduate of Texas A&M, where she earned her BBA in Accounting and Masters in Taxation.