Our Team

Christin Trujillo, Consultant

Christin is a consultant at Skytale Group who helps business owners manage their finances so that they can do more of what they love to do. She specializes in client relationships and consulting to drive strategic financial performance. Her approach is pragmatic, personal, and tailored to guide clients in making sense of their business by navigating growth and deliberate goals.

Christin leads with the conviction that our work matters; she comes from four generations of small business owners. She knows that financial success and planning helps support families and builds communities, converting her entrepreneurial passion to helping business owners and leaders build tactical habits, encourage forward momentum to objectives, and inspire solutions to overcome obstacles.

Drawing from experience with numerous Fortune 500 companies, Christin has successfully consulted top multi-billion dollar organizations to better financial and operational performance, driving multi-million dollar growth. This experience allows her to provide small practice and business owners data-driven insights in a comprehensive way.

When Christin is not meeting with clients or in the office, she enjoys running with her dog, going to the lake, cheering on the Kentucky Wildcats, and finding a great new brunch spot.

Christin earned her B.S. in Community Communications and Leadership Development from the University of Kentucky.