Management Consulting and Strategy

Management Consulting

We offer management consulting for business owners hoping to grow and scale. Many of our clients are dental practice owners who want to grow into a Dental Service Organization (DSO). Our role is to be a guide and strategist to our clients to move them from their vision all the way to a DSO model. To get there, we execute three phases: Strategy, Operating Model, and Execution. 

Over the course of our engagement, we work with business owners to strategize and implement their organization’s structure, from services to ownership to finances. Once we have highly effective systems, processes, and team members in place, we focus on leadership. Our last step is to “train the trainer,” which ensures that our clients are able to fully execute on their vision to grow, scale, and even sell their DSO. 

We offer multiple engagements, which include the following tools and deliverables: 

  • Monthly strategy meetings and phone calls
  • Financial projections
  • Pro formas
  • SOPs
  • Employee handbooks
  • Job descriptions
  • Bonus models
  • Doctor contracts
  • Future Ownership Structure
  • Potential legal structures

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