Financial Consulting & Advisory

Monthly Financial Consulting

Through monthly financial consulting, we provide financial awareness to business owners and leadership teams of small professional service organizations. We believe that every business owner needs a long-term financial partner, and we commit to learning every aspect of our clients’ businesses in order to help them tackle strategic financial decisions, set goals, and create a map to get them where they want to go. 

Often, we start with our clients when they aren’t even sure where all of their money is going or if they’re spending in the right areas. In our monthly meetings, we review financial statements to discover trends and measure KPIs. We do more than simply put numbers on forms; we design action items and help our clients stay accountable to their goals. In this engagement, we operate as a long-term strategic partner and financial sounding board to allow for smarter financial decisions in every step of our clients’ journey.

Engagements are customized to meet each clients’ needs. The following deliverables are available: 

  • Consistent, scheduled, in person or phone call strategy meetings to set goals, manage KPIs, and create action plans
  • Framework for 12-month budget mapping out revenue, cash flow, and KPIs
  • Consultant availability via phone or email
  • Breakeven analysis
  • Chart of Account analysis
  • Coordination with outside advisors
  • Limited budget/proforma revisions
  • Coordination and implementation of retirement plan
  • New partner/business owner discussion
  • Debt restructuring
  • Comparison and trend analysis of financials and KPIs

Upon recommendation, the following additional services are available: 

  • Compensation model and bonus plan for team members
  • Full Bank Package
  • Tax projections and structure review
  • Expansion plan review and analysis

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